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HERO Eagle Fang Blend Light Roast Coffee


Eagle Fang Blend

True heroes never die…they’re just reborn. With the kick that changed the course of Johnny’s life (and the valley), Daniel became the Hero to underdogs everywhere. Over 30 years later the saga continues as Daniel and Johnny find themselves at odds once again while the fate of the valley hangs in the balance.

Light Roast

Roasted to a light level, enjoy this blend of South American and Indonesian coffees with light acidity, medium body, and offers an earthly and tobacco like spice note.

You Buy. We Give.

With your purchase of Eagle Fang Blend we will donate a portion of proceeds to organizations that support after school programs for kids.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to Help Everyone Remain Operational. From the coffee fields to the frontline workers, and everyone in between, your purchase makes you a HERO to these everyday heroes. Enjoy each freshly brewed cup as a reminder that you are directly helping in making a difference, no matter who you are.