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HERO Farmer Blend Organic Medium Roast Coffee


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Farmer Blend

Up most days before the sun, Farmers and Ranchers are unsung everyday heroes who are often not brought into the spotlight, yet their contributions to our communities are worthy of all the recognition. From produce, to cattle, to coffee, this group of people are collectively responsible for growing the world’s food, and there is no question that the services they provide benefit us all.

Medium Roast

Roasted to a medium level, you’ll enjoy every sip of this single-origin organic Uganda coffee that has a semi-sweet chocolate and pear flavor with a hint of grapes and prunes. With Farmer Blend in your cup you’ll be ready for the day ahead no matter what time that alarm clock goes off.

You Buy. We Give.

With your purchase of Farmer Blend we will donate our coffee to local farmers and ranchers as a thank you for all that they do.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to Help Everyone Remain Operational. From the coffee fields to the frontline workers, and everyone in between, your purchase makes you a HERO to these everyday heroes. Enjoy each freshly brewed cup as a reminder that you are directly helping in making a difference, no matter who you are.